Who we are?
Le Chic Reshai is an up and coming beauty brand that specializes in eyelash extensions and the overall beauty experience for the client. Le Chic Reshai aims to provide the client with a more specialized and personal experience. With the many options that clients have for their beauty needs, Le Chic Reshai is the preferred brand for all seeking an individualized experience with expert lash artist and owner, Shuntol Holloway. Founded in 2015 by Shuntol, Le Chic Reshai has grown and expanded within a short time, as Shuntol has molded and improved her brand with continued esthetics education as well as expanding her clientele. Trained in eyelash extensions by one of the premier lash artists and company in Texas, JMeganMarie International, she started her beauty company, Le Chic Reshai, LLC.
Le Chic Reshai
We understand beauty is expressed in different forms; no two people can display it the same. Le Chic Reshai is a beauty company that wants you to discover and love the fabulous YOU.
Meet The Owner
As a young Atlanta native, owner Shuntol Holloway never imagined building her own specialized beauty brand. Up until her junior year of high school, she desired to become a renowned cellist. Her career took an unexpected turn after realizing her strengths and appreciation for mathematics and science. Shuntol has earned a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2014. She finds joy in helping others improve their well-being through medical technology and especially, beauty cosmetics. With her broad and extensive educational background, Shuntol is the perfect esthetician for all clientele with vast beauty needs. As a lash fanatic herself, Shuntol takes much pride in her work and the experience she gives to her clients. As mentioned, she has been trained by the best in the business and aims to bring her expertise and experience to you.