Eyelash extensions, commonly known as "mink lashes""lash extensions" are semi-permanent, false eyelashes that are applied to a person's natural eyelashes using medical grade adhesive. Eyelash extensions are not "individuals or individual clusters". 

With proper after care, Le Chic Reshai's eyelash extensions can last up to 3 weeks while maintaining at least 40% lash extensions coverage. Refills are recommended every 14-21 days in order to maintain full and beautiful lashes. In order to receive a refill, there must be at least 40% of lash extensions intact; less than 40% requires a new set. 

At Le Chic Reshai, we offer pure faux mink lash extensions only. We do not use silk or cashmere lash extensions. Refer to the FAQ page for additional information. 

All new sets/new clients require a non-refundable deposit of $50. The deposit reserves your appointment slot and is deducted from the total cost of service. We understand things happen (i.e inclement weather, illness, etc.), but a same day cancellation will forfeit your deposit. We allow one free reschedule, if notified at least 24 hours before scheduled appointment. To reschedule within 24 hours of appointment, a new deposit is required. Refills do not require a deposit. Same day lash fill cancellations will be charged a cancel fee of $25 that is due prior to rescheduling.


New Lash Sets

Le Chic Reshai will customize each set (choosing the length and curl) to best fit the health of the client's natural lashes and eye-shape. 

New Client Lash Set starting at $185 (2-3 hrs)

This service is for first time clients with Le Chic Reshai. We will complete natural lash consult to determine the most beautiful and healthy lash look for the client's natural lash condition. This lash set can be classics or a mixture of classics and volume lash extensions (hybrid). Lash bath and take-home wash kit included.

Existing Client Gorgeous (Classic) Set $160  (2-2.5hrs)

This service is a classic (1:1) lash set that provides 100% coverage of your natural lashes. Your lash extensions will be as full as the number of existing natural lashes (i.e. if you possess 60 natural lashes, you will have 60 lash extensions). Everyone possess a unique number of natural lashes, so fullness will vary from person to person. Lash bath and take-home wash kit included. 

Existing Client Fabulous (Hybrid) Set $200  (3 hrs)

This service is our favorite set. It offers a fuller, even look than the Gorgeous Set. This lash set is more than 100% lash coverage (mixture of classic and volume lashes). We recommend this set for those with sparse natural lashes, special occasions or if you simply want more lashes than the Gorgeous Set. Lash bath and take-home wash kit included. 


Lash Fills

We require at least 40% of lash extensions coverage remaining within 27 days to receive a refill. All refills include a lash bath. We do not offer new client refills. Please schedule a lash removal with a new set or allow previous lash extensions to shed off naturally. 


Gorgeous (Classic) Lash Fill $95

     (recommend between 14-21 days) : 1 hr and 35 min

Fabulous (Hybrid) Lash Fill $110

     (recommend within 17 days):  1 hr and 40 min

Fabulous (Hybrid) Lash Extended Fill $125

     (recommend within 21 days):  2 hrs


Other Services 

Patch Test $50  (30 min)

This service is for those with a history of sensitive eyes, eye surgery or a previous reaction from any type of false lash application. If you experienced poor symptoms or a bad reaction in the past, we recommend this service prior to scheduling a new set. 

Lash Extension Removal $25  (30 min) 


CLICK CONTACT to schedule your lash session today! We will respond to your request within 24 hours. 

Stay safe and beautiful!